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The DIANIS METHOD includes easy proven educational, study, homework and test taking solutions. The DIANIS METHOD  is available in three books.  The Dianis Method  book series can quickly TURN ACADEMIC FAILURE, LOW, OR AVERAGE GRADES INTO SUCCESS. The Dianis Method can accelerate educational growth through a positive learning approach. It also details proven academic solutions designed for each grade level. These educational strategies can make the home environment more peaceful and can turn homework time into a breeze.

Through The DIanis Method, parents will gain insightful knowledge and precision training methods, which are easy to implement during class, homework and study time. The book series details proven step-by-step solutions, which can successfully guide parents and students through each month of the academic school year. The Dianis Method  detailed in all three books for TURNING ACCADEMIC FAILURE,  AVERAGE OR LOW GRADES INTO SUCCESS.

 Grade Transformer for the Modern Student 

Early High School Edition
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A bright future is NOW possible for children or teenagers who struggle academically or struggle in school because of Learning Issues, Learning Differences, Dyslexia, ADD,  Test Taking Problems, or Organizational Problems.

The Award Winning Dianis Method has proven to have the power to end years of educational frustration, homework problems, low and average academic performance.

The Dianis Method can make this year an academic turnaround year. Why watch your child or teenager struggle in school when now they can learn how to excel scholastically?

The Dianis Method which is detailed in three books has the power to turn scholastic I cant’s into, I cans.
Parents if your child or teenager has already struggled academically or organizationally, or if you anticipate your child or teen may need some additional strategies, solutions and techniques to avoid  average or low grades, now is the time to implement the DIANIS METHOD for homework, class work, test preparation and study time. 

The highly successful DIANIS METHOD utilizes proven educational solutions and practical learning techniques. The DIANIS METHOD can make class, homework and study time successful, fun and rewarding. The highly effective DIANIS METHOD is easy to use and understand.  It uses your child’s or teenager’s own school curriculum and teaches them how to transform their grades into scores; they can be proud of.

Proven Educational Solutions

The Dianis Method is now available in the books by Barbara Dianis MA ED entitled:

Don’t Count Me Out!  Grades Pre-K-12th copyright United States Library of Congress

Grade Transformer for the Modern Students Early High School Edition

Grade Transformer for the Modern Student Upper High School Edition.

THE DIANIS METHOD for TURNING ACADEMIC FAILURE, AVERAGE OR LOW GRADES INTO SUCCESS, The books include proven, practical and highly effective step-by-step academic, homework, class work, testing taking, quiz taking, exam methods and organizational solutions. 

Students can now learn how to learn and excel in school using the proven methods detailed in all three books. The books provide students, and their parents with educational solutions used to academically transform students ‘grades for over 21 years. Students are taught how they can raise their test and quiz grades at every grade level for less than the price of one tutoring session.

The Dianis Method detailed in the books by Barbara Dianis MA ED will empower parents with knowledge and provide proven educational techniques that have transformed countless struggling students into academic success stories.

The books by Barbara Dianis MA ED is comparable for less than the price of a half a session to having an expensive tutor academically guiding a struggling student in the areas of their scholastic difficulties.

Improve Grades and Academic Skills

Turn Academic Failure or Low Grades Into Success!

Improve Grades and Academic Skills

They also provide timely study and learning techniques for your son's or daughter's specific grade level. These practical specialized precision training methods were developed, reformulated, and been successfully used by Barbara Dianis MA ED, an Educational Specialist; Academics Coach, ADD/ADHD Academic Coach and Parent Coach for over 22 years. The academic and organizational methods are explained in detail in The  Dianis Method.™  The Dianis Method has helped make ACADEMIC WINNERS AND ACHEIVERS out of  failing, average, and lower performing students for 22 years. Students with Dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, Learning Differences or are struggling students can learn how to excel academically and keep up in school.  

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The Dianis Method helps restore a child’s or teenager’s academic self-esteem and helps them gain a scholastic edge.

Homework and study time can become more productive with less time be wasted by unproductively or the student not knowing how to successfully tackle their assignments. 

Grade Transformer for the Modern Student
Upper High School Edition
By Barbara Dianis MA ED

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Turn Academic Failure or Low Grades into Sucess!

Don't Count Me Out!
A Guide to Better Grades and Test Scores Pre K-12th Making Winners Out of Struggling Students despite Dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, or Educational Difficulties
By Barbara Dianis MA ED

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