Karen Dianis

Certified Pre-K - 12th grade

Turn Academic Failure or Low Grades into Sucess!

Improve Grades and Academic Skills

Improve Grades and Academic Skills

Turn Academic Failure or Low Grades Into Success!

Karen Dianis Vice-President: Dianis Educational Systems, LLC

I was brought up in academia land. My Mother was a Junior High School teacher; my aunts taught various all grade levels, another aunt a college professor; my Uncle had his Doctorate and was a college professor. Conversations in our family always turned to education. My family told me I was going to college as soon as I could talk. When I graduated high school, I headed off to a highly academic university and majored in elementary education. I graduated a four-year course in three years earning a BA degree in education. I taught at the elementary level.

When Barbara was very little, I was sure she had Dyslexia and the diagnosis by University Doctors confirmed this diagnoses. My heart was broken; my academia world thought process did not want to handle this diagnosis. This could not be happening to me. I must confess it hit my ego. We were called into conferences by the school system, and reality set in. I then decided we would learn everything we could as parents, and my path in education went another direction. 

I became a public speaker in the mid-west states explaining the hurts, feelings, and journey, we as parents with children/ adolescents, experiencing learning obstacles. As parents, we started giving Barbara a vast amount of new experiences through business, travel, and positive verbal support that could help with her learning deficiency. We would not quit! In the upper grades, Barbara started developing her own learning techniques that accelerated her grades and class rank. In Barbara’s university years, she earned a BA Degree and a Masters Degree in Education and Special Education Pre-K through 12. At every graduation, we attended for Barbara and then her students who overcame learning obstacles our hearts filled with pride as each time they marched across the stage with diploma in hand going onto prestigious colleges and universities. 

Just remember parents, there is NOW help in Don’t Count Me Out!, Grade Transformer for the Modern Student Early High School Edition and Grade Transformer for the Modern Student Upper High School Edition, which contains timely valuable information, help, support, and easy proven solutions that Dianis Educational Systems, LLC has developed, used or personally perfected to help struggling students succeed for the past 22 years. As her Mother, I could not be more pleased that Barbara has dedicated her life helping students overcome learning issues. HELP IS A CLICK AWAY!