Improve Grades and Academic Skills

Turn Academic Failure or Low Grades Into Success!

15. Focuses on potential instead of deficits. 

16. Parents remember there is much more your student is able to accomplish in life. 

17. Restores hope for a bright future. 

18. Uses positive approaches to learning instead of negative feedback. 

19. Techniques and strategies are designed to be easily applicable to your student’s homework, assignments, and classroom learning. 

 20. The Dianis Method learning strategies generally do not need to be used with another learning method or approach because it is typically highly effective on its own. However, it is often a very beneficial addition to other types of remedial learning programs. The educational solutions and strategies can easily be used alongside of other remedial programs or with a tutor, and will often strengthen their academic success, and bring faster academic achievement. 

21. ACADEMIC TRANSFORMATION can take place in the home during homework and study time instead of adding another place to go to busy schedules. 

Accelerate Learning

Certified Pre-K - 12th grade

9. Learn how to address conferences. 

10. Homework and study time can become HAPPY, PEACEFUL, HIGHLY EFFECTIVE, FUN AND PRODUCTIVE. 

11. Helps end homework and study time struggles and issues without adding hours of additional time. 

12. Helps end hours of unproductive homework and study time. Homework and study time should not have to be an all evening endeavor.

13. Each of the books by Barbara Dianis MA ED details The Dianis Method will give you information easily to guide your student to learn, catch-up or excel in each academic subject area. 

14. Helps transform Low Grades and Test Performance into success. 

Turn Academic Failure or Low Grades into Sucess!



1. Help make WINNERS of your Learning Different, Dyslexic, ADD, ADHD, LD, Unmotivated, Unorganized, Average, or Struggling child and adolescent with monthly advice and practical solutions. These solutions can make the home environment more peaceful.

2. The author, Barbara Dianis, MAED, has helped countless children and adolescents to overcome their learning issues for 22 years. She is Certified Pre-K-12th grades and works with students who are Learning Differences, Dyslexic, ADD, ADHD, LD, Unmotivated, Unorganized, Average or Struggling students to achieve their educational goals and academic potential. 

3. The author, Barbara Dianis MAED, overcame Dyslexia herself, and understands the mind, needs, challenges, and frustrations of students who struggle in school for various reasons. She has developed proven solutions to help students succeed academically. 

Improve Grades and Academic Skills

4. These grade- level NEW PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS are now available to parents and students in the books by Barbara Dianis MA ED will help guide parents and their Struggling Student to succeed in school. These solutions can also make the home environment more peaceful.

5. ADD, ADHD, and Dyslexic, and struggling students generally have above -average intelligence and have the genetic ability to learn. The monthly advice and educational solutions will show you it is possible for your student to achieve incredible academic success and results. 

6. Learn how to easily implement NEW PRACTICAL learning techniques to help alleviate learning problems discussed in each book by Barbara Dianis.

7. Provides proven, professional information, knowledge, and understanding of your student's mind and emotions associated with learning issues. 

8. NEW EASY to implement solutions can help improve your child or adolescent's GRADES, SELF- ESTEEM, and BEHAVIOR along with helping your home environment become more peaceful.