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My junior high son was an unorganized student and did not understand how to study. The learning and organizational techniques that are taught in the ebooklet series helped him become an excellent student. 
M.L. Texas​

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I accidentally came across your web site. Seeing your ebooklet Preschool -Kindergarten  home program series intrigued my curiosity, as I couldn’t imagine any benefit for this age level. To my amazement the wealth of information, learning techniques and educational solutions that you provide are truly beneficial. I am a new mother of a three and a half year old, and am using these techniques. I am amazed by how much my daughter is learning. She loves her learning time.
Angelina F. Texas​

Dear Ms. Dianis:
Finally, someone in education has given us hope about our eighth grade son. Every month you are encouraging and give practical solutions that work. Our son is improving! We are telling friends to visit you web site. 
Sarah P. New York

Improve Grades and Academic Skills

Turn Academic Failure or Low Grades Into Success!

Turn Academic Failure or Low Grades into Sucess!

Your e booklet “The Journey from Crayons to Graduation and Careers” written to us the parents is just what we needed to help our 10th grade daughter. My only regret is we did not have this information earlier. 
B. K. California​

Improve Grades and Academic Skills

As a desperate parent wanting to help my failing 5th grader I subscribed to your monthly e booklet series home learning program The Journey from Crayons to Graduation and Careers. I really didn’t expect to learn anything new. Was I wrong! Your month to month explanations and solutions have given me the insight and help, so I can help my son. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with his improving classroom work and grades. I believe every parent needs this book.
D.J. Georgia

Our daughter was having a very difficult time learning to read and understand math. The Dianis Educational Systems strategies helped her improver her reading and math skills. She now reads years above her grade level and loves math.
K. B. Texas​